Social Media Strategy in 3 steps:Creative Practical and Very Effective (updated)


Social Media Strategy in 3 steps: Creative Practical and very effective (updated)

How to create: creative, practical and effective social media strategy in 3 survival steps? 

Everyone wants to find and connect with some specific community and group to know about the particular."Find your kind of people" nowadays a campaign run by Facebook to find your kind of people by creating a community to the small group. Making a social media plan It is very important tools to connect a large audience, It helps in crises and online reputation management.

Social Media

  • Social Media Marketing  

Social  Media Optimization (organic)

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram 

Social Media Marketing(Paid)
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram 

Phases of Social Media Strategy

a) Pre-project

b) On project

c) Post project

Pre Project

What: Product/Service  and Platform

When: Schedule and Season

Whom/who:Gender and Demographic

Where:Geo-location  and  Device

On Project 

 Product: where can I get the information

From the Client and competitor

Platform: Facebook , Twitter, and LinkedIn

Why Facebook , Twitter, and LinkedIn

Why Not other social sites

a)It is widely used in all over the universe/increase website traffic  and search engine/engagement  /share /receive

b)It also manage your online reputation/monitoring

c) Quick  Return on Investment/higher conversion rate

d)Making good image and brand value  for small businesses

 People are more conscious about the brand on social are loyal to the particular brands.

e)Run Targeted ads with real-time results

 Ad campaign on LinkedIn: Location, company, job title, gender, and age

On Facebook: geo-target, Location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and connections

On Twitter:  Geotarget

   Schedule-Target audience GMT+5.30 Kolkata
   Season: winter, summer, rainy & festive

  Gender: Male or Female

  Why Male and Why not Female?

  Demographic: Age and parental status


 Geo Location: IN etc

 Device: Mobile, Desktop, Tablets Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry users

 Geo-targeting: For Local Business, it is more strategic to focus on local searches.

 In Twitter's advanced search
 There are some tools for Geo-target such as
1.Google alerts for your brand competitors and industry keywords
2.Tweetdeck, Seesmic or Hootsuite Track Twitter conversations MarketMesuite:


Analysis & Implication: The estimates of risk can be reviewed and compared to the events that actually took place. 
  • What worked? 
  • What didn't work? 
  • How to improve?
  • Did events occur that were unforeseen? 
  • It is really important and the main purpose is to gathering information after the project: feedback and ideas, What are the takeaways which you would like to carry with you to the next project?

Ecommerce Optimization-SEO: Improve your Ecommerce product page

E-commerce Optimization-SEO: Improve your E-commerce product page


1. Domain Authority: 

A number of total quality of backlinks.DA is a search engine ranking score that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). A score ranges from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank, number of total quality of backlinks.  

2. Product Page

a.)Title tag

Attractive keyword (Add modifier in title tag)

There is 5-6 modifiers keyword:
  • Cheap-
  • Deals- 
  • Online-Best deals online on purchase of ecommerce SEO service 
  • Free Shipping- Free Shipping on purchase above Rs.699
Magnet Keyword(CTR)

i).   Sale Discount Up to 50%Off
ii).  Free Shipping
iii). Daily/Weekend/ Promotions/Sales
iv). Free Gift(s)
v).  Coupon code
b). Title description: Appealing description of a product and their benefits

c).Product Image Quality:- HD quality 4-5 image

d).Video review:

3).H1 and H2 heading:

It should be described the product

4). Product page description/features:

Keyword density keyword stuffing, It is one of the important parts of ranking factor

6). Page architecture and arrangement:

Final Product page should appear in 3 and less 3 clicks only.

7). Shorter URL:

 Shorter url has the better ranking than longer url.

YouTube Video Optimization-SEO: Increase millions of YouTube subscribers and viewers in a month


How to increase millions of subscribers, viewers, likes, higher rankings, more traffic and comments on your YouTube video in a month?

7 Advanced Tips 

YouTube is a second largest search engine after Google, as per a report.The audience is more interesting to visual as compare to read anything, So YouTube is the best option for larger number video available.It gives real-time feedback and comments.

1)Subscription: Appeal to audience to Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe!
Use subscribe watermark logo to Entire video/End of a video: See in the image.

 How to apply watermark as SUBSCRIBE see the image:

 YouTube- Creator Studio- Channel-Branding- Entire Video/ End of Video/Custom time (Display     Time)

2) Description: Describe your video to the point, so that audience can understand about the video at least 150-200 words

3)Tag Your Keyword 

Keyword analysis: Selection of target keyword with front-loaded keyword

Just put the Exact keyword

Target keyword:       YouTube Video Optimization SEO (use Front-loaded keyword)

Alternate Keyword: YouTube Video Optimization SEO for higher rankings and more traffic
                                 YouTube Video Optimization SEO for millions Subscribers and viewers
                                 YouTube Video Optimization SEO for more likes and comments

Long Tail Keyword: YouTube Video Optimization SEO to Increase millions of subscribers and viewers to your video in a month.

4)For Higher Rankings and More Traffic

a)High-Quality Video: Audience are looking for HD quality video impression

b)Longer Video: Longer video (8 minutes and more) have more audience impression as compare to shorter video

5)CTR Thumbnail: As big character thumbnail 

Use actual thumbnail so that audience experiencing actual what they want to watch do not mislead the audience. 

6)Use of Bracket in video title such as:-  YouTube Video Optimization SEO (2018)

7)Make Suggested Video: How to make a suggested video?

Just check the Popular video (on the same Topic)
  • Use the same tag of the popular video
  • Just checked the source code of the popular video
  • Copy the keyword of popular video 
  • Paste word to word in your video tag
So these 7 advanced tips can help you to boost your YouTube video to ranking fast and more superscribes, comments and like.


Why is email marketing important?


Nowadays email is a backbone of digital communications. Email marketing is kind of real-time communication that eliminates the geographic barrier with different things for different people message. It is a connection between consumers and brands they believe and love. It helps to nurture your future customer. Nowadays email is part of being a successful business. 

Effective email marketing strategy:

a)    Rise of smartphone device
b)    Importance of segmentation
c)    Power of personalization
d)    Data-driven optimization analysis of optimization 

Types of email marketing strategy      

Awareness: To bridge online and offline to identify interest.

Think about the email Champaign- from the segmentation to create and copy design to the call to action and even reporting analysis. We don’t expect the close sale at first message.

Consideration: To accelerate interest and qualification through benefits immersion.

Unlike the awareness related the e-mails, consideration emails contain educational elements the actively move the reader towards taking an action to buy and try to buy your product in future.

Conversion: To drive customers to sales channels. 

It is a common form email marketing message that person receives. for example: “sign up now” and “Buy now” etc.

Product usage: To drive engagement with brand, establishment advocacy, and set the stage up sell

Retention and royalty: To foster and deepen the relationship for lifetime value impact. 

Similar usage emails, loyalty emails are sent only after a sale, These emails encourage the reader to share the resulting feedback to family and friends.

Sources of email marketing strategy: 

a)      Emails
b)      Business cards or documents
c)      Subscribers or Web sign up form
d)      Feedback/ Query form/ Contact form
e)      Business Directories: Yellow pages
f)      Online Sources: LinkedIn
g)      Paid Memberships
h)      Website
i)      Competition
j)      Customer Purchase
k)      Upgrades 

Best email design practices 
  • Select a primary goal
  • Write and design the copy
  • Create a consistence practice 

High performing E-mail Marketing strategy Practices

  • Determine a good primary goal for email
  • Optimize your email for opens
  • Compel your reader to action 

How email marketing help in nurturing the leads?

A report says 70% B2B leads is not a sales-ready.
Email is the one of the best way to quality nurturing the leads.

  Importance of email marketing 

  • A report says 70% B2B leads is not a sales-ready.
  • Email is the one of the best way to quality nurturing the leads.
  • Approx. 4.3 billion email accounts that sends196 billion email sends every day.
  • 91% of consumers check their email daily.
  • Email is a channel that you own.
  • 77%  of consumers prefer email for marketing communications.
  • Email lets you be highly personal.
  • Email has a marketing ROI of 4300%.

Macro Environment: The Marketing Environment


The Marketing Environment

Nowadays, every marketing is surrounded by an environment, which has the direct or indirect impact on each other. This environment is made of all those factors- the internet as well as external that are somehow related to organizational functioning.

How to do Marketing Environment Analysis?

It is the accessioning of opportunities and/or threats that are present in the environment and can significantly affect the business organization. Environments can significant affect the business organization. A firm gathers relevant information relating to the environment studies them in details, takes note of changes in each factor that constitutes the environment and forecasts the future course of action for the organization.

Elements of Marketing Environment

Macro Environment:

It is an environment that has an indirect influence your business and these environmental factors are uncountable by the business.

  • Demographic environment: Demographic attributes of the people who are related to the organization. These can be age, sex, marital status, education, income, occupation, and language etc.
  • Economic environment: Supply of natural resources, level of income growth, natural production and national income, level of consumption, size of market, balance of payments of the nation, monetary structure, foreign trade, inflation, etc
  • Socio-cultural environment: Every society is related to different social classes, different castes, cultures, values, and beliefs, lifestyle, family structure, people’s attribute towards work and life, consumption patterns, etc. These factors directly affect the demand for the goods in the market.
  • Political - Legal environment: Developments on the political front governs the economy of the nation. Legislation regulating the business are the also often a product of the political configuration. Tax laws, EXIM policy capital flow restrictions, foreign trade, liberalization are the political factors impacting any organization.
  • Technological environment: Any organization, which exists, needs to have technology support in the form of hardware, software and IT enabled services.These are very crucial for the effective and efficient functioning of the organization in the fast pace business environment.
  • Ecological Environment: To protection to our environment, main issues are resources depletion, pollution concerns, and health issues.

Micro Environment

  • Consumers: Tastes, Habits, Product or service Preferences.
  • Suppliers: Bargaining power for the raw material, machine.
  • Bankers and Creditors: For financing the business.
  • Competitors: Playing in the industry.
  • Market demand: Total demand of the individual customers
  • Logistic Support: Transportation of raw material and finished goods.
Internal Environment
  • Machinery
  • Employee
  • Assets
  • Company policies and procedure

Types of Marketing

  • Viral Marketing: Viral mean something spread in very shorter time such as a virus. Means any message should reach millions of viewer/follower in 2-3 days. A viral marketing also called motion, buzz and wildfire and flood-marketing.
  • Green Marketing: Green Marketing is the marketing of products and services that are environmentally safe and It should be eco-friendly benefits.
  • Social Media Marketing: It is the kind of promotion on social media platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc.
  • The Internet or Digital Marketing: It is the kind of promotion online and digital platform such as Desktop and mobile etc.
  • Industrial Marketing: It is B2B marketing such as one business to another goods and services.
  • E-commerce Marketing: Developing, marketing, selling, delivering, serving and playing for products and services transacted through the internet, e-commerce broadly includes the following.
  • Relationship Marketing: Relationship marketing aims to build a mutually satisfying long-term relationship with key communications in order to earn and retain their business.

Content Marketing Drive The Potential Customer

What is Content Marketing?

Content is king!

Content is the phrase of words you describe to tell a story.
It is a message that we share to convey or communicate in the form of content.
Content means many things to different people and situation due to context. 

Optimized Content Marketing

Optimized content marketing is the art of understanding exactly what your prospects and customers need to and deliberately producing optimized content based on keywords that are driving organic search traffic and conversions.

Content Marketing Strategy

Develop a Content Strategy: While we want to build the content strategy for the new website it helps to think first about the target market. And website owners will target their product and services.

Think Strategic: Our target should be more traffic from the different web browser and search engine.

Think Marketing Specific: Identify the segment of the target market and makes sure that who will get the benefits from content.

Think Keyword: Consider the targeted and planned keyword and get a help from Google AdWord.

Think Themes: Once you have targeted segment identified, it’s important to brainstorm a list of topics that  might interest them.

Think Tracking Marketing ROI: Digital analytics make very easy to track and can measure the performance of any blog and article.

Content Marketing 

ü  Blog posts

ü  YouTube videos

ü  Articles

ü  Press Releases

ü  Social Media content

ü  Slide shares

ü  Infographics

ü  Question and answers

ü  Case studies

How it Works

Helps you to reach your prospect customers

Build a strong social channel

Focus customer on your well-defined purpose

Answers their questions and about your product and service.

Informs and educates and helps to increase knowledge

Content can be showcased in many forms as videos, slide share, infographics etc.

Common mistakes done while writing a Content

ü  Usage of Jargons- That makes the customers difficult to read.

ü  Writing content for the search engines- Need to be written for the users while doing SEO than for search engines.

ü  Forgetting Keywords- Keywords should be included in the content.

ü   Proofreading your own content-Not cross checking the content written and needs to be done by self and others.

Importance of Content Marketing

ü  Creates the engagement cycle.

ü  Develops the brand story.

ü  Develops the channels through social media.

ü  Increases database and grow audience and attract traffic.

ü  Can measure content through email subscriber rate and sales, revenue and lead generated.

Content Strategy Based On Target Audience

Who:     Understand of your audience 
How:     Select a reliable  channel 
What:    Draft a relevant message
Why:     Know the objective
Where:  Target the best location
When:   Connect at the right time 

"Ultimately to drive the potential customer and increase the traffic to your website".