Why is email marketing important?


Nowadays email is a backbone of digital communications. Email marketing is kind of real-time communication that eliminates the geographic barrier with different things for different people message. It is a connection between consumers and brands they believe and love. It helps to nurture your future customer. Nowadays email is part of being a successful business. 

Effective email marketing strategy:

a)    Rise of smartphone device
b)    Importance of segmentation
c)    Power of personalization
d)    Data-driven optimization analysis of optimization 

Types of email marketing strategy      

Awareness: To bridge online and offline to identify interest.

Think about the email Champaign- from the segmentation to create and copy design to the call to action and even reporting analysis. We don’t expect the close sale at first message.

Consideration: To accelerate interest and qualification through benefits immersion.

Unlike the awareness related the e-mails, consideration emails contain educational elements the actively move the reader towards taking an action to buy and try to buy your product in future.

Conversion: To drive customers to sales channels. 

It is a common form email marketing message that person receives. for example: “sign up now” and “Buy now” etc.

Product usage: To drive engagement with brand, establishment advocacy, and set the stage up sell

Retention and royalty: To foster and deepen the relationship for lifetime value impact. 

Similar usage emails, loyalty emails are sent only after a sale, These emails encourage the reader to share the resulting feedback to family and friends.

Sources of email marketing strategy: 

a)      Emails
b)      Business cards or documents
c)      Subscribers or Web sign up form
d)      Feedback/ Query form/ Contact form
e)      Business Directories: Yellow pages
f)      Online Sources: LinkedIn
g)      Paid Memberships
h)      Website
i)      Competition
j)      Customer Purchase
k)      Upgrades 

Best email design practices 
  • Select a primary goal
  • Write and design the copy
  • Create a consistence practice 

High performing E-mail Marketing strategy Practices

  • Determine a good primary goal for email
  • Optimize your email for opens
  • Compel your reader to action 

How email marketing help in nurturing the leads?

A report says 70% B2B leads is not a sales-ready.
Email is the one of the best way to quality nurturing the leads.

  Importance of email marketing 

  • A report says 70% B2B leads is not a sales-ready.
  • Email is the one of the best way to quality nurturing the leads.
  • Approx. 4.3 billion email accounts that sends196 billion email sends every day.
  • 91% of consumers check their email daily.
  • Email is a channel that you own.
  • 77%  of consumers prefer email for marketing communications.
  • Email lets you be highly personal.
  • Email has a marketing ROI of 4300%.

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