Digital strategy a new wings to your business



How digital strategy are new wings to your business?

You should have the strategy for any kind of business. Without a strategy, no any business can imagine and will survive in a digital age. Nowadays customers are (digital customer/consumer) very much believes in digital presence if anything whether it is small and large and whether it's relevant or not. No, any marketing automation technology will work without a concrete strategy.

"Strategy, not technology make a business transformation."

There are endless possibilities in digital evolution, but the question is that, How will we identify the right digital initiative? Only creating a website and app is not a digital strategy.

Digital strategy: When it created and executed in the right direction and right way at right time means digital age. Basically, it is consist of 4 phases such as

1. Set a vision to make the bridge
3. Create a business case
4. Priorities the work 
2. Stop and think: Internal factors of your company whether our business on optimum positing, external factors such as expectations of customers and development of ours and other industries and what's the current  trends followed by our competitors.

Now Customers expectation is more than the personalized and customized experiences.
The consumer needs easy and friction-less experiences.
Customer buying process becoming more social such as consumer are more curious, demanding and impatient, Researching everything, there is no matter how small it is, expecting automated tailored experience and making decisions faster than ever that it had been previously.

Digital strategy, there are mainly 5 phases such as

1. Audience: Who influences the digital culture: Culture needs to support collaboration and creativity.who talk about your brand, who is an evangelist:
The role of 'YOUTH' [Mind Share] in influencing the market: 
  • Early adopters
  • Trendsetters
  • Game changer
The role of 'WOMEN' [Market Share] in influencing the market: 
  • Information collectors
  • Holistic shoppers
  • Household Managers
The role of 'NETIZENS' [Heart Share] in influencing the market: 
  • Social connectors
  • Content contributors
2.Content: It should be engaging and relevant: Every audience have look for specific content, but it is very difficult to engage all the target audience of the same content, it sometimes, it's only 25% or 50% relevant to audiences. So we should make it personal, customized and tell stories to engage, info-graphics format.

3.Platform: Channel- customer expectation is very high from you. we do not know how and which way audiences reached you with their multiple queries. So the selection of a channel is very important.

4. Analysis: It is kind of measurement of all kind data analytics, give a real-time result, whether it is business data and sales data or any other related data and comparing the data from current data to previous one.

Create a worth executing,
Set a goal as measurable, achievable & Relevant 
Follow through goal
Measure progress weekly,
meeting objectives for long-term business performance

"Digital strategy, is not about upgrading the technology, it is more about upgrading strategic thinking while understanding the human behaviour."

Source:Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital

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