Web Master Tools

digital marketing solution
It is Google product, which help the web master analysis and rectified the SEO, afford made by him with the help of web master tools.
Importance of tools:
  1.            Be updated by Google we have done any penalise and spam. 
  2.            We can check the behaviour of the web site
  3.            We can manually force robots to index our web page
  4.            We can find keyword intensity of the particular keyword
  5.            We can create automatic Schema   
  6.            We can check it our website has malware or virus uploaded
  7.            We can find check various search (query, keyword) by user to find our                 website.
Schema: Schema is added feature of Google in web master tools which help us to integrate added information to user and robots.
Schema is various types:
·         Person
·         Product
·         Events
·         Organisation
·         Movie
·         Review 

Properties of webmaster tools:
 Messages are important field via which we get a personalise suggestion for our web master optimization .

Search Appearance

·         Structured Data: It helps Google understand the content on our site.

·         Rich Cards: Fix error in our rich cards with additional data

·         Data Highlighter: Show off our site’s data in search
a)      Improve our look in search
b)      Tagging a page is easy
c)       Tag a set of similar pages all at once

·          HTML Improvements: It gives us suggestion to improve the website.

·         Sitelinks : It is  automatically navigation link in search page which help user to easily navigate the  website. If you do not want appear the page as a sitelink, you can demote the page.
·         Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)
It is fix error on our AMP only for mobile user.

Search Traffic

Search Analytics: It is analysis that analyse our webpage performance on Google search.
There are following metrics:
·         Click
·         Impressions
·         CTR
·         Position

Links to Your Site:
Internal Links:
Manual Actions:
International Targeting:
·         Language and
·         country
Mobile Usability

Google Index

Index Status
Content Keywords
Blocked Resources
Remove URLs


Crawl Errors:
·         Site error: Activity  recorded last 90 days
·         URL error: Activity  recorded last 90 days
Crawl Stats
·         Activity in the last 90 days

Fetch as Google

Desktop:                                     FETCH    |   FETCH and RENDERS
Mobile: Smartphone
Mobile: cHTML

robots.txt Tester

                         User-agent: *         (* all robots)
                         User-agent: googlebot ----------- for google 
                         User-agent: bingbot      ----------- for bing

A robots.txt file do not indicates to search engine crawler,
If we used the code then we can prevent to google search results for image file(It can not block  the page).
It not applicable to non image file.


Webpage open within the page
·         HTML- User friendly
·         XML- Robot friendly

URL Parameters

It helps Google crawl our site to best possible ways

Security issues:

·         Hacker issues
·         Cross-site malware warnings

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