Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to the process of increasing traffic through social media sites.

Facebook Advert:

Account profile    |    Business page    |    Group     |       Event and offer

Facebook : Branding, Looking, Audience targeting 

Location, Demographic, Interest, Behavior , Connection

Campaign ----- Objective

Ad Account----Create New

Ad set----a) Product
                 b) Audience
                 c) Placements
                 d) Budget and schedule

There are 13 types of Ads Campaign with objective


Boost your post 
Promoter your page
Reach people near your local business
Increase brand awareness 

Send people to your website
Get installs of your app(CPI)
Raise attendance your event
Get video views
Collect leads for your business (Sign up)

Increase conversation your business
Increase engagement in your App
Get people to claim your offer
Promote a product catalogue 

Twitter Ads (Advert)

  Set your campaign by 6 ways 

  • Tweet engagement(eg. Retweets, favorites, replies)
          Reach more people and drive conversion
  • Website clicks or conversions
         Send people to your site (To purchase,sign up, etc)
  • App installs or app re-engagements
        Get people to install or re-engage with your mobile App
  • Video Views
        Get people to watch your using Twitter’s native video player
  • Followers
       Grow your community on Twitter
  • Leads on Twitter
        Collect emails from people who express interest in your offer

LinkedIn Advertising

Profile| Company page| Group

Go to business advertising-  Advertising-  Manage ad

AD Targeting:

a. Experience
b. Education
c. Behaviours and Interests
d. Account targeting

Set your own budget

Pay by clicks /  impressions
Stop your ads at any time
No long-term contracts
No commitments

There are 5 types of Ad format 

1. Sponsored ad

Raise awareness with native ads
Build relationships
Drive leads

Get your company’s updates to more people and attract new followers
Reach just the right audience with our comprehensive targeting options
Get your message out on every device: desktop, tablet, and mobile
Set your own budget and choose from cost per click or cost per impression options
Use Direct Sponsored Content to easily test your messaging

2. Sponsored Inmail

Get the right message to the right people
Stay at the top of the inbox
Get outside the box of ordinary email

Reach active members through tailored messages with 100% deliverability
Keep your key target audiences engaged across desktop and mobile
Drive conversions with more personalised messages

3. Dynamic Ads

Drive response with ads that are unique to your audience’s activity.
Personalise your message and creative.
Build awareness
Engage audiences with content
Generate quality leads
Acquire new customers
Target the audiences that matter. Select the audiences you want to reach based on a wide range of professional targeting criteria including company, skills, interests, and more.
Measure your performance. Analyse campaign-reporting metrics provided by your LinkedIn account team and fine-tune your ads.
Grow your company follower count. Build relationships and grow your company’s LinkedIn follower count using unique ad formats and “Follow Company” CTAs.

4. Display Ads

Unmatched audience quality
Get your customers in front of the largest, most engaged network of professionals, thought leaders, decision-makers and influences.
Accurate professional targeting
Leverage LinkedIn’s exclusive professional targeting or your own first- or third-party data to programmatically reach the audiences that matter most to your customers.
High viewability
Attract and engage your target audience with highly visible display ads, placed exclusively on high-traffic LinkedIn pages.
Brand safety
Advertise with confidence in LinkedIn’s bot-restricted, fraud-monitored environment.

5. Text Ads

Drive the right traffic to you
Generate quality leads
Pay per click or per impression

Choose the professional audience you want to reach
Easily create your own ads
Set your own budget – without contracts or long-term commitments
Pay for only the ads that work – per click or per impression

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