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Now the market scenario is changing due to technology advancement. Companies are adopting the technology very rapidly to learn and understand market and customer. By the help of technology, very easy to do the business. If we talk about the 5-10 years back we did not know that we will do the businesses on the mobile and app .Now the desktop, laptop, tab and smart mobile phones (Android, iOS, Windows BlackBerry etc) are playing the big role in online business /Digital Marketing. See the role of different device in digital age.
                                                        If we talk about  the marketing scenario of 5 years back companies are more focus on traditional of marketing and it is too much budget for business to do marketing and advertising and in spite of the there has no big return. Before go to market, nowadays everyone searching online for anything. No matter, they want to purchase online or offline.

What they are searching online?
We have to wisely understand the our customer behaviour, we need to conduct the market research. We should not to make a assumptions about of particular product/services. We may find the values and motives are quite different from what we aspect. Ongoing research will help us build a picture of what particular feature our business provides to our potential customer. One important area on which here is the customer journey-the serious of many steps and decisions customer takes before purchase.
Online, a customer journey is very broad customer may engage with our brand.
The goal is to reach customers with the right marketing message at the right stage of their journey.
There are some online tools available of search behaviour/talking about of customer as for example: Google trend, Facebook trend and twitter trend etc. But company should not more  rely on these data.

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing
Traditional Marketing: 
 Marketing creates and satisfied demand for our product or sales, and demand converted into sales. It is outbound/push marketing. In this company has pushed marketing data of customer in various ways such as
  • Electronic media-TV, Radio etc 
  • Print media- News paper, Magazine, pump let, hand bill etc.
  • Holding: Banner, poster etc.
  • Face to face: Personal Visit etc.
  • Telemarketing
  • Seminar,lecture
  • Direct email
Digital marketing:                                   
It creates drives and creation of demand using the power of the internet, and this demand in new and innovative ways. It not only allows exchange of currency, it is more than that, but also exchange of value.It gives us real time result.
            It is inbound/pull marketing. In this ways audience has been engaged by company such as 
  • Social media : Optimization and marketing
  • Search engine: Optimization and Marketing 
  • Email marketing 
  • Online advertising 
  • In context of consumer prospects : Time, Attention and Advocacy  
  • In context of User prospects: Entertainment, Enlightenment, Fun and Utility 


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