How Mobile Marketing helps in search engine optimization


How could mobile marketing help in sales boost up and search engine optimization?
According to Google reports, more and more search on a mobile device (65%) rather than other devices such as Desktop, Tablets etc. This is because, most of the people having  smartphones such as Android ,iOs, and Windows and having a 24*7 access internet connections. As I think mobile will be a very big search engine in future. Email ,SMS , chatting ,facebook, tweeting LinkedIn  all social connection job search, e-News, photo capturing(selfie), shopping (with apps) (99 % apps marketing on mobile). Mobile marketing  helps up boost up our sales. Even during the PPC campaign, we have increased bidding more than  the other devices. Whatever we want to purchase , initially search on mobile ,before to purchase (online or offline). 
Have a look  some mobile marking tools for digital marketers for all businesses. 

responsive-websiteResponsive website
The design which looks good on all the devices especially on Mobile  and other devices.It is using CSS (cascade style sheet), HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language ) and bootstrap and other advanced versions of tools to enlarge and hide to work on  any devices. A responsively  designed website should  give more lead/ sales from another device.

Call to Action (CTA)
It is an immediate or prompt response from the audience. It is button or text on any website to click and response.It is a very effective in inbound marketing,these techniques are permissive and more effective and less expensive.Nowadays marketers are using this CTA button. It is a small button that  is an easily provoke the audience. 

Resolution Optimized
It is easy to make apps look eye-catching display on any device.There are some guidelines to optimised high-resolution apps We have to get differentiate  between standard resolution displays and retina displays, and we have also a differentiate between standard resolution displays and retina displays Such as Comprehensive look at  Mac, Drawing and printing  guide to iOS, Safari image for the web. 

Mobile URL
We have to analyze the URL for a mobile device.We have to hit the full version URL and separate URL for mobile device and others.URL should be mobile friendly for a mobile device. Whenever the user opens the  web page on a mobile device  it appears on mobile as Means that is mobile version URL. But on a normal  setup, the page looks like on mobile as as usual on the desktop.

Here m- denote for mobile site

Mobile User Interface 
A mobile user interface (mobile UI) is the graphical and generally touch-sensitive display on a mobile device, such as a Smartphone or tablet, that allows the user to interact with the mobile device apps, features, content, and functions.

You may see difference both screenshot 

Graphical User Interface
It is a category of the user an interface that allows users to network with electronic devices through graphical icons and image indicators such as minor notation, in its place of text-based user interfaces, typed command labels or text navigation.

Navigator Button
A mobile navigation menu is responsive design button in mobile. If you see the problem in the screenshot, how the  Menu bar not showing in a navigation bar. Means something hiding to the user so this not user-friendly.
We have to design in such manner

1.Menu Icon


3. Display a block

tel HTML
This is the link for calling on,automatic detect on smartphones.
<a href="tel:9312910448">Tel</a>
sms HTML
This is the link for text message,automatic detect on smartphones.
<a href="sms:9312910448">Text me</a>

Mobile application

A mobile application is a software application developed specially for use on Smartphone and tablets, somewhat desktop and laptop. Mobile applications are planned with consideration for the demands and constraints of the devices and also to take advantage of any specific capability they have.

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