Viral Marketing: A Buzz Marketing

The ultimate approach that encourages character or any individual to convey the promotional message to someone, creating the possible for exponential marketing expansion in the message’s hype and wave. A viral marketing also called motion, buzz and wildfire and flood-marketing. And other also has given a different type of name. We can say that viral marketing has a deep connection between the digital media such as social media, YouTube, email, and WOM (word of mouth).

Viral mean something spread in very shorter time such as a virus. Means any message should reach millions of viewer/follower in 2-3 days organically. Consider some of the example such as 
A Viral Marketing Example:

1.ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

The ice bucket challenge after some time it’s called ALS Ice bucket challenge, In that campaign, an individual accepting the challenge and dumping the a bucket of ice water on someone’s head to promoting the awareness about the disease such as AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS (ALS also known as Motor neuron disease and in the US Lou Gehring’S Disease) The strategy behind the this campaign was encourages to people to donation to research and development to ALS disease. It went viral on digitally especially on social media in mid of 2014. Including many big gunmen also accepted the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Even Mr. Obama,US president has also accepted the challenge.

    2. Always Like A Girl – June 2014

With feminism and gender equality campaigns securing lots of publicity in 2014 the Always  Like A Girl was a real hit. The original video has over 62.7M views on YouTube till date.

3. Volvo Trucks the Epic Split

November 2013 Jean-Claude Van Damme’s epic video doing the splits on two reversing Volvo trucks amazed everyone when it was released in 2013. Who’d have thought a truck video could secure over 76.4M views?
The big question is that how the people engaged worldwide in talking about the truck? And how do you get truckers interested in driving them? For Volvo truck, the answer was Think Big. So in this series of Viral film, it created testing new features, the “Live Test”.
As a company, previously, Volvo truck had taken a traditional approach to launch marketing since a long time. But the before the viral campaign, the company had worked with many different types of traditional marketing approaches such as Electronic media and print media including Public relation, social media, YouTube.

The two importance things worked with this campaign film
The emotional connection the team found truck drivers have with the trucks they drive:-which got the creative thinking of how to present the new truck in an emotionally engaging way.
And The second was the volume of people who influence truck buying decisions- From driver to his or her family and friends, colleagues and bosses, clients and the business whose products the truck carry.
“Emotion is a very powerful technique to express product benefits.”
Live on TV would be very expensive to create a campaign with the broad accomplish. The campaign has very much benefit on, However, Digital media/marketing and viral gave the opportunity to this campaign to reached a wider audience in a new digital platform.

The inner child that keeps on given

Evian's babies are viral on the digital marketing platform in 2009 ,With more than 25m viewer in 2 months ,Till date 135m views on youtube.

Buzz or viral marketing categories in two Uncodified and Codified Buzz. 

1.  Uncodified Buzz- It occurs while inventors convene with new product or services or movies etc, such as they like and passes views on the particular information. In this case very difficult to analyse the communication that comes from friends, is very high and it is uncontrollable by the organization/firm, and views could be positive or negative.
2. Codified Buzz- But in this case, it already  was written and customized  by organization/firm with help of previous information such as endorsements, testimonials, trial version, gift certifications and  chatting information  and others so .
Then it should be observable and scalable and trialability of the viral marketing program for the new product is critical elements. For Example A money Back guarantee makes trust and trialability a win-win undertaking for the customers because it reduces the risk perceived with regards to making   a purchase.

As we have seen in, above, that every campaign (Viral) have specific planning and execution to become a viral (campaign) with help of digital technology.

But the “viral” can be possible spread swiftly by the help of word of mouth and digital marketing especially via  smartphone user because It has access optimum time with users, and the message should bound to share by the viewer.

Following are some points that lead to content viral but it is not guaranteed:

1. Content should be emotionally strong
2. Views and allow sharing on digital platform
3. World of mouth
4. Connect the audiences and swift responses

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