Why you need Online Reputation Management


What is online reputation management (ORM)?

There is very famous proverb: “If you lose wealth, you have lost nothing, If you lose health, you have lost something, but if you lose character(person)/reputation (company), means you have lost everything".
Because you spent whole life to building a reputation. But, it takes a minute to ruin your reputation, so reputation is matter most to each and everyone (personal and professional) in any sector, whether it is business or job.
Online reputation management, not a new term, previously it is called as public relation management and now everyone searches online to know about a person, an organization, and brand. Now a day in digital age it called as online reputation management.

Why you need online reputation management? 

If anyone spoils your personal and business (small and large) reputation online, then you need to manage them your reputation online. The question arises, why online? Because in a digital age, everyone searches you and your company online. Once you and your business get a negative comment and negative review by your customer about your company’s then very difficult to manage them. It is kind of negative feedback.
In brief, when your potential customer sees the negative review, comments, blogs and various online channel that is written or recorded about your company then your potential clients or customer changes their mindset from your company.

Reputation Management as individual level

If anybody wants to know about to you and your reputation then they search online. Following are the place where reputation matters:
Networking and friends
Job and Career
Banking & Financial
Business partner
Social status 

Reputation Management as business level

Customer Relation Management
Product Feedback after Sales
Service Feedback  

Develop a positive Reputation Management:

Make a link with topmost social media site and keep updated with good content such as:
Facbook, LinkedIn,Twitter, Google+, Reddit & YouTube etc
Write a blog on Blogger, WordPress etc
Reply any comments with authentic and good language 
Think more before to post a message/comments
Do not upload and share any private photo
Avoid replying to any message with abusive language

Some online reputation management solution tools

Benefits of online reputation management

This is not only managed your positive brand value but also managed your negative or ruined reputation. A strong strength and positive review that increases trust, competitor analysis and faith of your brand and finally increasing sales.

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