What Makes Marketing Green: Green Marketing


What is Green Marketing ?

Green Marketing is the marketing of products and services that are environmentally safe and it should be Eco-friendly benefits.Thus green marketing incorporates a broad range of activities, including product modification, changes to the production process, packaging changes, as well as modifying advertising campaign method. While defining green marketing is not a simple task where several meanings intersect and contradict each other; As for example of this will be the existence of verifying social, environmental and retail definitions attached to this term. Other similar terms used are Environment Marketing and Ecological Marketing. 
                                                                                 Green Marketing is essentially a way to brand your marketing message in order to capture more of the market by appealing to people’s desire to products and services that are better for the environment.

What are the environmental issues?

There are many environment issues impacted by the production of goods and rendering of services, and therefore there are also many ways a company can market their Eco-friendly offerings. Green Marketing can appeal to a wide variety of these issues: an item can save the water, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cut toxic pollution, clean indoor air, and /or be easily recyclable. When putting site by side with the competition, the more environmental marketing claims your product or service can make, the more likely it is the consumer will select it, provided the price point isn’t too much higher than the alternative.

What makes Marketing Green?

Green Marketing can take many forms. Following are some essential Eco-friendly aspects of these:
  • Operational Sustainability: In this case, service companies and manufacturers can improve operational sustainability by reducing everyday energy and water consumption, minimising pollution, using greener material process, and properly managing waste.
  • Green Products: To producing products can do many things to improve the green factor of their offerings, including choosing sustainable materials, designing a product to save energy and water, and making a product that is less toxic and more natural than competitor’s goods. Greener products will also be packaged in an Eco-friendly manner and will be made to be easily recycled or it should be composed.
  • Sustainable marketing: We have to ensure that actual marketing system should be green, which is really distinct from your operational sustainability which focuses on manufacturing and production.
  • Environmental Causes: If any organisational or firm can choose to promote the environmental cause. Non-profits and NGOs will engage in green marketing to get the word out about their activities, but for profits can also suppose environmental causes by making donations and advertising for this environmental do-good as part of a green marketing campaign.
  • Digital Marketing Campaign: If any organisation can move promotional campaign through digital platform, that can be a huge step to save the our environment. As for example: few Year back mostly company promoted their product or services through print material,that can cause deplantation.

What makes Green Marketing environmental?

A strong commitment to nature and changing in lifestyle with great dedication towards the Eco-friendly life nature. And the best way to the commitment of consumers to either purchase green products or get involved in green activities.
  • Cost Reduction:
  • Competitive Pressure:
  • Government Pressure:
  • Social Responsibility:
  • Competitive opportunities:
  • Opportunities  Advantage:

4 P's of Green Marketing:

Product: Product should be designed with totally environmentally safe
Price: The product price should be very reasonable so that everyone should be can pay easily for this green product.
Promotion: Advertising should more focus on environmental friendly or physically and digitally platform and highlighted, more focus on green lifestyle.
Place: Product availability should be everywhere so that customer can buy from anywhere. 


Green Marketing should be not neglected in term of the economic aspect of marketing. A marketer should understand the importance of the green product. Everyone have to understand and implement and adopt the green initiative.

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