Content Marketing Drive The Potential Customer

What is Content Marketing?

Content is king!

Content is the phrase of words you describe to tell a story.
It is a message that we share to convey or communicate in the form of content.
Content means many things to different people and situation due to context. 

Optimized Content Marketing

Optimized content marketing is the art of understanding exactly what your prospects and customers need to and deliberately producing optimized content based on keywords that are driving organic search traffic and conversions.

Content Marketing Strategy

Develop a Content Strategy: While we want to build the content strategy for the new website it helps to think first about the target market. And website owners will target their product and services.

Think Strategic: Our target should be more traffic from the different web browser and search engine.

Think Marketing Specific: Identify the segment of the target market and makes sure that who will get the benefits from content.

Think Keyword: Consider the targeted and planned keyword and get a help from Google AdWord.

Think Themes: Once you have targeted segment identified, it’s important to brainstorm a list of topics that  might interest them.

Think Tracking Marketing ROI: Digital analytics make very easy to track and can measure the performance of any blog and article.

Content Marketing 

ü  Blog posts

ü  YouTube videos

ü  Articles

ü  Press Releases

ü  Social Media content

ü  Slide shares

ü  Infographics

ü  Question and answers

ü  Case studies

How it Works

Helps you to reach your prospect customers

Build a strong social channel

Focus customer on your well-defined purpose

Answers their questions and about your product and service.

Informs and educates and helps to increase knowledge

Content can be showcased in many forms as videos, slide share, infographics etc.

Common mistakes done while writing a Content

ü  Usage of Jargons- That makes the customers difficult to read.

ü  Writing content for the search engines- Need to be written for the users while doing SEO than for search engines.

ü  Forgetting Keywords- Keywords should be included in the content.

ü   Proofreading your own content-Not cross checking the content written and needs to be done by self and others.

Importance of Content Marketing

ü  Creates the engagement cycle.

ü  Develops the brand story.

ü  Develops the channels through social media.

ü  Increases database and grow audience and attract traffic.

ü  Can measure content through email subscriber rate and sales, revenue and lead generated.

Content Strategy Based On Target Audience

Who:     Understand of your audience 
How:     Select a reliable  channel 
What:    Draft a relevant message
Why:     Know the objective
Where:  Target the best location
When:   Connect at the right time 

"Ultimately to drive the potential customer and increase the traffic to your website".

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