Social Media Strategy in 3 steps:Creative Practical and Very Effective (updated)


Social Media Strategy in 3 steps: Creative Practical and very effective (updated)

How to create: creative, practical and effective social media strategy in 3 survival steps? 

Everyone wants to find and connect with some specific community and group to know about the particular."Find your kind of people" nowadays a campaign run by Facebook to find your kind of people by creating a community to the small group. Making a social media plan It is very important tools to connect a large audience, It helps in crises and online reputation management.

Social Media

  • Social Media Marketing  

Social  Media Optimization (organic)

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram 

Social Media Marketing(Paid)
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram 

Phases of Social Media Strategy

a) Pre-project

b) On project

c) Post project

Pre Project

What: Product/Service  and Platform

When: Schedule and Season

Whom/who:Gender and Demographic

Where:Geo-location  and  Device

On Project 

 Product: where can I get the information

From the Client and competitor

Platform: Facebook , Twitter, and LinkedIn

Why Facebook , Twitter, and LinkedIn

Why Not other social sites

a)It is widely used in all over the universe/increase website traffic  and search engine/engagement  /share /receive

b)It also manage your online reputation/monitoring

c) Quick  Return on Investment/higher conversion rate

d)Making good image and brand value  for small businesses

 People are more conscious about the brand on social are loyal to the particular brands.

e)Run Targeted ads with real-time results

 Ad campaign on LinkedIn: Location, company, job title, gender, and age

On Facebook: geo-target, Location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and connections

On Twitter:  Geotarget

   Schedule-Target audience GMT+5.30 Kolkata
   Season: winter, summer, rainy & festive

  Gender: Male or Female

  Why Male and Why not Female?

  Demographic: Age and parental status


 Geo Location: IN etc

 Device: Mobile, Desktop, Tablets Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry users

 Geo-targeting: For Local Business, it is more strategic to focus on local searches.

 In Twitter's advanced search
 There are some tools for Geo-target such as
1.Google alerts for your brand competitors and industry keywords
2.Tweetdeck, Seesmic or Hootsuite Track Twitter conversations MarketMesuite:


Analysis & Implication: The estimates of risk can be reviewed and compared to the events that actually took place. 
  • What worked? 
  • What didn't work? 
  • How to improve?
  • Did events occur that were unforeseen? 
  • It is really important and the main purpose is to gathering information after the project: feedback and ideas, What are the takeaways which you would like to carry with you to the next project?

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